Changing the World Through Rock and Roll

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Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews has traveled all over the United States and beyond covering live rock and roll music. In our travels over the years we have seen example after example of rock and roll musicians and fans alike who are some of the most generous, caring and responsible global citizens you will find anywhere. We have taken their efforts to heart and about a year into our existence, made it more than just an observation.

We committed ourselves to making is a mission of Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews to change some of the negative stereotypes that rockers sometimes face. Even more important than changing the stereotype to us is to lead by example and dedicate ourselves to “Changing the World Through Rock and Roll”. We wish we could take credit for the phrase, but that honor goes to our good friend Dawn Botti of the band New Day Dawn, who used the phrase one night when we were talking after a show. We new instantly that it was a perfect fit.

Listed below you will find the list of our current and past efforts to live up to our mission statements. Some of the projects are ones we started, while others are ones we were invited to participate in. All of them are projects we have been honored to be associated with.

K-rock and Ms MARR

K-rock and Ms. MARR


MARR Gummy Bands

MARR Gummys for Make-A-Wish Foundation

MARR Gummys for Make-A-Wish Foundation











Our first fundraising effort started as a simple enough idea and we were certainly not the first people to think of selling Gummy bracelets to raise money for a cause. What really shocked us at first was the red tape we had to go through with some charities to get them to accept a check with no strings attached. We must say that not even every branch of the Make-A Wish Foundation gave us a warm reception at first. Then we spoke to a great lady at the Make-A Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia.

Make A wish



When I contacted the folks at Make-A -Wish of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia, they were not only interested in what we had to say, they were open to the idea of rock and rollers wanting to lend a helping hand. We went ahead and ordered the first batch of MARR Gummy bands and started advertising that we had them with us in our pockets at every show.

Make a wish award

As of December 30, 2012 we have raised $289 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We continue to be proud of the response we have received for these and will continue to absorb 100% of the cost and donate 100% of the sales of these gummy bracelets to Make-A-Wish. We thank all of you who have supported this cause.


 MARR Rocks for MDA


In the Summer of 2012, our good friend Jay Hitaffer from the band Wasabi was chatting with us one night about our mission statement and suggested we have a concert. We were nervous at first because we are a media outlet and really knew nothing of planning a benefit concert, hiring sound engineers, lighting etc.

We were humbled by the response from bands from Virgina to New York who volunteered their talent to play at this event. The caliper of bands who appeared was unbelievable. In addition to the bands who played, bands and fans from all over the U.S volunteered items for our silent auction as well.

We are proud of our first annual concert which raised more than $2000 for the MDA and are thinking of making it an annual event.





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