About the MARR Rock Army

In December, 2010 the couple known by their followers as K-rock and Ms. MARR were already seeing live music all over the East Coast of the U.S. and decided to share their adventures with the world. At the time that Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews was created, their YouTube Channel already had 300,000+ hits and after the creation of Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews, it exploded and currently has more than 3.5 million videos viewed.

K-rock ans Ms. MARR

K-rock ans Ms. MARR

Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews is much more than a YouTube Channel. They are a media outlet which has become the go to source for information and reviews of live rock and roll music for rock fans from all over the world on their Facebook page, Twitter and on their website at www.midatlanticrockreviews.com

In the second year of their existence, Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews (known as MARR by their legions of fans and followers who are known as the MARR Rock Army) created a show called “Behind The Bands”. This show is a series where MARR interviews rock and roll bands from all over the U.S. and beyond. The episodes are 10-15 minute interviews that feature great insider band information mixed with live video clips. There are currently 42 Episodes of “Behind The Bands” from the first two seasons with production of the first three episodes of season 3 already underway.

Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews has a mission to promote a positive image of rock and roll and they work tirelessly to live up to their motto “Changing The World Through Rock And Roll”. MARR works with multiple charities and organizations to promote a positive image of rock and roll and to support their fellow man. Some of these efforts include selling MARR bracelets to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, sponsoring a MARR Rocks for MDA Benefit concert and working with Voice of Warriors and supporting multiple other charitable projects.

As Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews enters it’s third year, the founding couple has expanded coverage far beyond the Mid-Atlantic Region to literally cover music all over the United States and beyond. MARR has added multiple contributors in the form of photographers and writers who have helped expand their coverage of rock and roll and have a presence at live rock and roll shows and major festivals and rock cruises all over the United States. One of the trademarks of MARR is that you will always find K-rock and Ms. MARR right there in the trenches with the crowds at shows where they meet and greet their MARR Rock Army members who are their readers and followers. Their unique way of covering music from a fans perspective surrounded by their followers and friends has legitimized their coverage by fans, bands promoters and record labels alike.

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