Fatally Yours – “Every Moment” – Album Review

Fatally Yours is a band out of Baltimore, Maryland who has released a 5 song EP entitled Every Moment that has caught our attention. The album was produced by band members Keith Thompson and Christian Rivera and was recorded at Deep End Studios which continues to turn out some of the coolest new music in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Fatally Yours - Every Moment

Fatally Yours – Every Moment

Fatally Yours frontman Keith Thompson brings some veteran experience to this CD from his pretty extensive background having been a member of bands such as Bleed The Dream, Click and Evolver. The rest of the band is a combination of guys with some considerable experiences as well including guitarist Christian Rivera formerly of Gotham Falls, Jon-john Michaud who played with a great Baltimore band Megosh and Chad Rollman from The McNaughstys.

The brand brings what I will call a heavy alternative rock style to the CD. I say heavy alternative because there are some pretty heavy guitar riffs throughout the album that have a much harder rock sound than the traditional “alternative” style. Every Moment features some great songs and is a very solid debut effort for the band.

The songwriting has the sophistication of a veteran band and features some memorable tunes. The heavier tracks on the release are my favorites, and “Horror Fashion” is at the top of that list. A second heavy tune, “A Stabbing Friend” is a very strong effort as well featuring some very cool riffs and tempo changes that just make it an interesting tune to listen to. The band can mellow out just a bit as well, and makes the transition nicely to a slightly mellower tune with the title track “Every Moment” which has a lot of radio potential in it.

We have not had the opportunity to see Fatally Yours perform live yet, but based on the very strong release of Every Moment they are definitely a band that we have on our radar to see live. You can get your copy of Fatally Yours’ debut EP Every Moment at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/every-moment-ep/id641879065 and can follow the band via their website at www.fatallyyoursofficial.com  Don’t pass this EP by, it is a great release.


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