Small Town Titans – Artist Spotlight

We first met Small Town Titans back in December of 2012 as the band played to a sold out house in their hometown of Harrisburg, PA in a show where they would open for Pop Evil. Not only was it the first time we met and interviewed Small Town Titans personally, but it was the first time we saw their live act.

You can see our Interview with Small Town Titans Right here.

It was pretty clear from their live set that this was a band we would be seeing more of in the future as the hometown boys thrilled the Harrisburg crowd with their high energy live act, which was capped off with their fan favorite party classic “Party In Hell”. It was based on this performance that we gave a much closer listen to the band’s 2012 self-titled album. A closer listen to Small Town Titans’ first CD has us writing this strong recommendation for this CD as an album you’ll want to think about adding to your library.

Album - Small Town Titans

Album – Small Town Titans

The album kicks off with the aforementioned fan favorite “Party In Hell”, a song that even took the band a bit by surprise when fans began demanding it at shows at first. Singer Phil Freeman comments on the song “It started out, we had this riff going and it kinda started out as a joke almost… and then it just evolved into something that we thought was a great anthem for partying”. We witnessed the effect the tune had on the crowd and it is now a tune that the band would probably take heat for from fans if they were to leave it off the setlist.

This five song CD features a collection of four other very strong tunes. The second tune “Casting Stones Among The Wicked” definitely has that vibe of a band like Soundgarden, a band that Small Town Titans lists as an influence. It’s not a carbon copy, but you can definitely feel a bit of the Chris Cornell influence, especially on the vocals. It’s a very cool tune that is heavy and bluesy at the same time.

The CD shifts gears on the next two tunes, “Amnesia” and “State of The Unknown” which have an almost southern sounding influence to them reminiscent in style to tunes by bands like Blackstone Cherry. These are both very cool tunes, and the departure in stye from the first two tracks are part of what makes this album interesting. The variety in style almost has you feel like you are listening to three different bands. This makes sense in that the band members all find their roots in varied types of music ranging from metal to hard rock rhythm and blues, to hair-metal to Johnny Cash.

K-rock interviews Small Town Titans

K-rock interviews Small Town Titans

Small Town Titans closes out the CD with “Sky High” which returns us to that hard rock/progressive sound found in “Casting Stones Among The Wicked”. This is a band who has a great live act, and who we highly recommend that you check out if they are at a venue near you. Playing primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region, the band has a reputation for doing some amazing things in their community by volunteering their time and talent to help their fellow man. The week after we first met the band they were off to New Jersey to support relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy, and the band has proven in the past that this is not the kind of thing they do for PR, but rather the spirit of a band who believes as we do at MARR in “Changing the World Through Rock and Roll”.
The band currently has a fundraising effort underway to support the recording of their next album and is advertising an opportunity to get the new record for only $1 via their Facebook page at You can also pick up the self titled “Small Town Titans” CD we have highlighted here via that link or via Itunes for only $4.95.

We’ll be keeping our eye on Small Town Titans in 2013, and look forward to the next opportunity to see them live.


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