Changing the World Through Rock and Roll…more than just a mission.

The title of the post is much more than just that. It is our mission statement here at Mid-Atlantic Rock Reviews. We would like to take credit for the wording, but that credit goes to Dawn Botti from the band New Day Dawn who dropped the phrase on us as we were having a conversation one night, and it was obvious to both Ms. MARR and I that this  simple statement so perfectly describes why we do what we do.

In the past two years we have had the honor of covering live music all over the country and we have seen bands demonstrating time and time again that the rock and roll community consists of the most caring, giving, thoughtful and aware people this world has to offer.

Last night we had the honor and privilege of covering the Forever Autumn memorial event at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA. For those who may not know the story, Autumn was a beautiful child and family member of the band The Electric Boa who’s life was senselessly taken for no good reason. Autumn’s untimely death left not only her family asking “why”, but left her family and extended family in the band The Electric Boa, the Philadelphia rock music scene, and the world who watched this story unfold across global media, asking the same question “Why”?

Quite simply there is no answer that we know of that can explain Autumn’s loss. What we do know is that while we may not be able to answer why, we are left trying to figure out what we can do to ease the pain of Autumn’s death for those who loved her, and seek to find ways to bring peace and healing to those left to mourn her.

While nothing can bring Autumn back, guitar player Joe Fortino of The Electric Boa and  managed to find a way to honor Autumn that simply blew us away. Joe organized the “Forever Autumn” memorial event which featured 12 bands from Philadelphia and beyond who came together to celebrate the life of Autumn and to help each other heal.

The effort that Joe put into organizing such an event is deserving of more recognition that we could ever begin to bestow upon him. This was a top notch event with incredible bands and auction items from all facets of the community including memorabilia from national artists, collectibles, and donations and even some gifts that honored Autumn by featuring some of her favorite things in life such as a BMX bike and her favorite candy.

We want to publicly recognize Joe and The Electric Boa for putting on a show that was a tribute to Autumn. I hope that this incredible event provided some measure of healing to those suffering this loss. For us the show demonstrated something about the rock and roll scene in Philadelphia as well. The musicians who performed at this event were amazing talents.  Even more important, we were so impressed to see the camaraderie of the members of all of the bands, many of who have shared the stage with each other for years, and who have traded band members and band names over the years come together for a untied cause.

We had the opportunity to simply sit back and observe from back stage as band after band appeared and worked together to honor Autumn and support her family. We saw no ego trips, no petty squabbling over dressing rooms, no prima donnas. We saw a community of musicians who were proud to be a part of the live rock and roll scene and who were especially proud to be a part of the Philadelphia music scene. We saw musicians who put aside other things in their lives during the busy holiday season to help a friend. We saw fans who love these bands come out in full force and support their favorite band, and the rock and roll lifestyle as well.

K-rock and Ms. MARR with Joe Fortino and Greg Cornwell of The Electric Boa

The purpose of this post is not to review the show (it was incredible). We will be producing a video of the day and publishing it in the next few weeks. Our purpose here is to say congratulations to Joe and Sue Fortino, The Electric Boa, all of the bands who played at the Forever Autumn event, the fans who attended and those from all over the country who made donations. We know what a daunting task this was.

To our amazing friend Joe Fortino, all the members of The Electric Boa and The entire Electric Boa family…you guys hit a home run with this event and exemplify what we mean by our mission “Changing the World Through Rock and Roll”.

We’ll have more to say about this event in weeks to come. Congratulations to:

MACH 22 w/ Special Guest Jeff LaBar
MARK EVANS and Friends

This was truly a night to remember. We will remember the good times, the friends, the music and most of all, we will remember Autumn and her family. We cannot say that we we knew Autumn personally, but to see the legacy of her life bring so many people together tells us she was a special person. We send our deepest sympathy and hopes for healing to her family.

K-rock and Ms. MARR

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